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Οn the way to Karystos

On the road to Karystos , various pictures alternate,  whilethe background of  Evoikos, the island complex of Petalii, the play of light  depending on the time,  shows the landscape different

The city of Karystos is well structured with wide streets, wonderful sea, taverns, ouzo and restaurants and the historic Giokalio Foundation , where the Museum is housed, a jewel of our history.

Bourtzi dominates the seashore  with its presence. The small Venetian castle was built around 1350 AD. A motionless guardian of the city with its magnificent gallery and loopholes, fights time and becomes the winner.

Every year it hosts cultural events such as exhibitions, paintings, photography, small musical ensembles and much more.





4 4km away from the center of Karystos, between the villages of Grampia and Myli, Kokkinokastro dominates with its solid presence. Its name is due to the red stones , it was built and named  Castello Rosso ,by the Latins.

It was built by the Lombard baron Ravano Delakatsieri in 1209-1216

Kokkinokastro was occasionally claimed by Byzantines, Franks, Venetians and Turks.

Impressive high walls and ramparts, bastions, menacing scaffolding, imagination with knights, soldiers and plenty of myth,It is  Castello Rosso, a wonderful walk with  enchanting sunsets in Karystos of history and myth.





Karystos is built below the top of Mount Ochi.

Ochi is a mountain-museum, laden with history and includes one of the few pure chestnut forests in Europe.

At a distance of 15km from the city center, after the villages of Aetos and Metochi (there is a sign to Kastanologo), at an altitude of 900m you find  Kastanologos.

There  is a primitive  chestnut forest  there, and of special importance for the flora of the area.

The age-old chestnut trees impress with their huge trunks and lay their leaves on the carpet to welcome the initiated visitors in an environment like a backdrop for fairy tales, with ancient gods, dragons, fairies and elves.

The Aegean  University    has included the chestnut forest I to a program of protection and development as a landscape of exceptional natural beauty.

Unique experience and easy hiking with surprises.