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Big Fountain (Megali Vrisi)

Big Fountain

Megali Vrysi is located about 200 meters east of the central square of Styra and can be reached via a traditional cobbled  picturesque  path.

It is a beautiful green enchanting landscape with centuries-old plane trees, running waters that end through an old cistern in an adjacent verdant ravine, while the scenery is complemented by the constant chirping of birds. It is the natural monument of Styra, with all kinds of flora and fauna.

Such was the environment of the places of his worship and this perception was reinforced by the various legends of his birth and origin. According to the tradition, the Asclepieion of Megali Vrysi was visited for treatment by the well-known whore  Laida, who after being cured returned to Corinth.

In the area of Megali Vrysi there is a restaurant and recreation center known as “Hangout of the Sophists”, while there are remnants of a traditional old olive mill with millstones.