Acropolis of Styra and the Armenian castle

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Acropolis of Styra and the Armenian castle

Acropolis of Styra and the Armenian castle

At the top of Agios Nikolaos or Diakofti, at a height of 450 meters, on Mount Kliosi, is the Gate of Armeni or Larmena. The castle was built on the wall of the ancient Acropolis of Styra, during the Frankish period, and its megalithic gate survives to this day, causing awe and admiration to the visitor.

The history of the wider area is so great and it hides so much mystery, that it fascinates the visitor and upsets  his senses from the first moment. On this hill of mystery lives the myth of the dragon, as old as the history of the first inhabitants who settled in South Evia.

In addition to the megalithic Gate of the Armenians, here you also find the Roman quarries, from where the world-famous Styrian marble cipollino was mined, as well as the chapel of the Virgin, which dates from the 13th century. This area, of hundreds of acres, concentrates all the rich history of the area, which stands despotically up there and persists over the centuries, waiting for the present and future visitor to discover its occult mystery and beauties.

So do not wait! Grasp  the first opportunity and visit the area and let yourself into  touring  an unparalleled journey of history and  senses.

At the top of Mount Kliosi of Styra a castle  is rooted , the one that from prehistoric  ancient and Venetian times played an important role in the area. Its stone gate dominates over Styra and hides inside secrets that challenge the hiker to explore.

High walls, stones placed with confidence, the chapel of Panagia and the rock cave of Ai Nikolas overlook the Evoikos sea and compensate the visitor.