South Evia’s beaches


Between the popular Armirichi and the mini beach of Tsakaia is the beach of Limnionas Mesochori which administratively belongs to the Municipality of Karystos. Limnionas beach is located in South and East Evia. It is an organized and popular beach with several permanent umbrellas, as well as fish taverns with fresh fish and grilled. It gathers a large number of bathers in the summer and is easily accessible by car.

The beach, although large in size and exposed in the Aegean, is protected from the north winds and so even days with enough air is relatively calm. The coast consists of white pebbles and coarse sand.

Coffees, soft drinks and water can be obtained from the 3 taverns that exist above the beach that have everything from fish, of the hour to cooked.

Limnionas beach is 9.5 km from Saint George hotel & suites and it takes about 15 minutes to access it.


This is a very beautiful beach in South Evia about 20 minutes from Styra. You will head to the village of Mesochoria. Descending from Mesochoria, after 1 km you will see the sign for Almiriki. The road to the beach is very good with asphalt. Blue-green waters, with sand and gravel and crystal clear.

It is located in a bay and for this reason it is relatively protected from the South and the North of the Aegean!

It is an ideal location for families where all members can enjoy the sea quietly and without fear.

The purity of the sea with the cold waters, the main characteristic of the eastern side of Evia, are strong motivations for summer lovers.

On the beach you will find a tavern and a canteen for essentials. Parking is easy as long as you do not park uncontrollably and book seats!

Free camping is prohibited.

“Armyrichi” beach is 16 km from Saint George hotel & suites and it takes about 25 minutes to access it.


Paradise… for a few! Petali of Evia is an island complex located in the southern Gulf of Evia. They belong to the municipality of Karystos in the region of Central Greece. The complex includes 10 islands which are all uninhabited.

If until now you believed that paradise is in places exotic and far away, you are mistakenly mistaken. Like tiny dots on the map of Greece, Petali is a picturesque neighborhood of 10 small islands, extending to the southern Evia gulf, opposite Marmari.

The islands enchant with the multicolor of the waters and the exotic beaches that do not resemble at all the other beaches of the area of southern Evia.

“Common mortals” can only enjoy underwater explorations in their crystal clear waters and swim in some creeks that can only be accessed from the sea.

With rocky shores and sandy golden beaches, turquoise waters and lush vegetation create a dreamy feast that would be the envy of every person on Earth. And if for you the magic of swimming in such “royal” waters makes you feel privileged, you must remember that access to the islands is prohibited, except for the beaches which – fortunately for us – belong to everyone!


If you are looking for secret locations very close to the capital,  be introduced to the mystical beauty of Evia. It has to do with  the beach of Archampoli, which you will find on the north side of the eastern coastline of Karystia, in Evia. The beach of Archampolis attracts tourists from all over the world, with masses of  fans  Germans and Dutch mainly , who are looking for secret locations for absolute peaceful dives. Visitors to the beaches are impressed by the unique landscapes of wild beauty that surround it, such as the end of the gorge and the ravine that  a torrent  crosses, which starts from Ochi and ends in a picturesque cove, while the turquoise waters and the White sand complete  the paradise image. To reach  Archampoli beach you  can use a boat or  the paths Thymi-Archaboli and Evangelismos-Archaboli.

The beach is the end of the Archampolis  ravine  on the north side of the eastern coastline of Karystia, that is sometimes disturbed by huge waves and completely changes the appearance of the landscape.

From Karystos, one follows  eastern orientation and crosses the village of Aetos. At the end of the village where the road branches off, we follow the left branch and climb high enough until we turn north (we are 11.5 km from Karystos). From that point of the turn we stop  seeing  the bay and the city of Karystos and we have on our right the view of the Strait of Kavontoros with the island of Andros in the background. We follow the asphalt road to the village of Platanistos.  5 km after Platanistos, a path  begins to the north to reach  Evangelismos which is about 42.5 km from Karystos, or to Thymi which is about 49 km from Karystos.



Styra has the privilege of being surrounded by many beautiful beaches in the Evoikos and the Aegean.

From Almyropotamos to Dilissos, Nea Styra and Nimborio and the Aegean side with the beaches of Mesochoria and Tsakei , you  have easy access by car, a real challenge for swimming in crystal clear waters. Enjoy them and relax in the taverns with delicious fish appetizers.

Generally in South Evia you will find a variety of beaches which you can see collectively through the photos below.