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Get to know S. Evia

S.Evia is  endowed with  superb natulal beauty, such as the mountainous bulk of Styra ,the range of Oxi,Dimosari gorge, historical monuments such as fairy Drakospita ,castles, picturesque cavo-doro villages,which travel you back to time.

Virgin seashores along Euboean and Aegean seas,secluded forests gripping upon hillsfull of myths and little tavernas with delicious snacks and meals from the local cuisine like the famous Karistian goats and the unique taste of Euboean fish,

There are also incomparable , trekking routes, and untouched nature.All you need is a pair of sneakers and lots of enhanced mood to enjoy walking ,colours, smells  of this magic corner called S.Evia. Styra is the ideal destination next to Athens.