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Dragon Houses

The so called  “Dragon Houses “ by the Natives of S.Styra are some sort of quirky constructions, samples of a superb ,megalithic architecture standing intact for some thousands of years between Styra and Karystos. Unsolved mystery , until today, is the identity of its constructor,their quality as buildings  their construction era and their architecature altogether.

Fairy supernatural  beings with huge powers lived through the centuries in these Dragon Houses on the Styra and Karystos mountains.

Dragon Houses are scattered between Styra and Karystos.on the South Southwest  Evia splendid trekking route. Most of them are not on steep hills, fully assimilated to the rocky environment   with low vegetation.

Visit them and the escort will take you to times of fantasy and reality.

Enjoy the nature and the history of Styra, easy hiking for the whole family.

The first way to access Drakospita is the following: From our hotel, you reach the bridge that turns for the area of Diliso and turn right towards Nea Styra. Take Nea Styra and follow the road to the upper Styra. Then reaching  upper Styra, follow the signs in the direction of Chalkida. After 500m you meet a right sign with the indication “Drakospita”.

Follow the marked road to Drakospita, the Ancient Quarries and the Armeno castle. Travel time by car 30 ‘

From the point where we leave the car, the course on the small path that leads to Drakospita, takes 5 ‘.

Hiking route: Starting from the square of Styra through the cobbled streets of the village behind the church, we follow the path marked with red arrows and we meet the signs that lead to Drakospita.

The route is 5.5 km. Necessary sneakers, water and hat.



The path that ascends on the left side of Kastanologos passes next to the mountain refuge and leads to the top of the mountain.

After an hour we face the monastery of Prophet Elias with the church and the four cells. The monastery is located between huge boulders  and is built just  like the Dragon Houses.

At a distance of 200m north of the monastery a small windswept plateau is formed.

Here at an altitude of 1400m we have, the best built and preserved Drakospito. This is  a building of early Greek race,  and it impresses with its huge stone structure.